STOP ALL OIL OVERBOARD for less than ˝ cent per gallon with filter systems.


  • OWS Effluent Polishing
  • Bilge Water
  • Ballast Water
  • Deck Runoff
  • Waste Water
  • Engine Cooling Water

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OILXORB OIL-XORB filters are engineered to remove hydrocarbons ranging from oil to gasoline from water in a single pass. Each cartridge or media bag is infused with a patented polymer that instantly modifies the hydrocarbon compounds and bonds them to its surface, keeping them from separating and emulsifying. OIL-XORB cartridges are also able to remove Sheen, Synthetic and Natural Oils, BTEX, PCBs, Chlorinated Solvents, and organically bound metals. Cartridges can be incinerated or disposed of as oily rags would be.

User Comments:

“... yes I will endorse it! These things work.”
“I was impressed, the flow rate was good and the PPM was 0-1 the whole time.”
“Could not have gotten rid of the water without them this trip.”
Chuck C/E Tanker operator.

"We have been using your filters for the most part on our DECANT system with pretty good luck.”
Roger C/E (‘Jones Act’ container vessel)

Solving The Problem With   

Ships crews have been dealing with the problem of bilge water discharge for years. Most Chief Engineers we’ve spoken with readily admit that OWS’s (Oil Water Separators) do not consistently perform well enough to maintain a discharge concentration of 15 PPM or less. When heavy or emulsified oils are encountered, most separators are typically unable to remove these to below the 15 PPM requirement. With the OIL-XORB system these problems are solved. By simply installing our OIL-XORB system, the discharge of the OWS can consistently and easily meet the 15 PPM requirement.

With evermore strict enforcement of the current laws, crewmembers and company executives are putting themselves in jeopardy every time they send water over the side of a vessel. Without OIL-XORB they can be forced to keep the water onboard until such time as they can send it ashore. With OIL-XORB they can send that water over the side and save 25 - 30 cents a gallon. With those savings you can more than recover the cost of the filter system on the first discharge.

Stop All Oil Overboard!
But why just meet the 15 PPM limit?
OIL-XORB filters can remove all hydrocarbons and oil, including emulsified, to below detectable limits in a single pass. Even if your OWS can maintain 15 PPM, why put any oil over the side? With OIL-XORB you can STOP ALL OIL OVERBOARD for less than a 1/2 cent per gallon. Prove your commitment as an environmentally sensitive company, install OIL-XORB. With the proven performance and immediate payback possibilities, there is little reason not to install them. Our goal is to 'Stop All Oil Overboard', it should be yours also!

How does OIL-XORB work?
OIL-XORB is infused with a polymer that is homogeneously dispersed throughout the filter materials. As hydrocarbon pollutants come in contact with OIL-XORB, they become soluble in the infused polymer coating. They are instantly bonded to the filter and become extremely hydrophobic, or repellent to water. In fact, once the hydrocarbon comes in contact with the polymer it becomes more soluble in the polymer than in the water, so the hydrocarbons want to get out of the water stream and stay attached to the filter.

What materials can OIL-XORB remove from solution?
OIL-XORB can remove organic solvents, organically bound metals, sheen, PCBs, insecticides, oil and grease, chlorinates, and other C1 through C10+ organics.

How quickly can OIL-XORB remove contaminants?
Typically, OIL-XORB filters remove the contaminants in a single pass through the filter at typically 99.9% efficiency.

How can you tell when the filter is used up?
The filters do not increase head pressure or plug when they fully saturate. Once fully saturate, the filter will not be able to remove any further contamination from solution and will simply allow it to bypass the filter. You may choose to install an Oil Content Meter to measure for oil in the bilge discharge. These units typically cost about $2,000 USD.

How much water can be treated with an OIL-XORB filter?
OIL-XORB filters are totally unaffected by the amount of water passing through them. They will only become saturated by hydrocarbon pollutants in the water.

Is the polymer toxic?
No. It is a non-hazardous / nontoxic material that will not dissolve or migrate in water. It has been declared compliant to section 300.915 of the NCP by the EPA. It has also been found by California Fish & Game to be nontoxic and is approved for oil spill cleanup.

How do you dispose of used filters?
The used filters must be disposed of according to local, state and federal regulations. The filters are excellent for disposal using incineration because of their low water absorption, low ash content (less than .2%), and high BTU value, if oil or flammables are absorbed.

Real World Performance
For more than 18 months a vessel with a major oil carrier out of Alaska had been unable to consistently discharge their bilge water over the side. They spent approximately $25,000 on a new separator and tests still showed more than 40 PPM of oil out of the new unit. After installing the OIL-XORB system they consistently see 0-1 PPM1 indicated on the overboard monitor. And the typical cost? Approximately 2.5 cents per gallon2.

1 Until the filter media becomes saturated with hydrocarbons.
2 Used in conjunction with the OX-P2 bag filter and dependent upon the amount of hydrocarbons being sent to the filters.        The estimated PPM input to the filters was 116 PPM.

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