About Vigilant Marine Systems

Vigilant Marine Systems is a part of the Vigilant Marine Group of companies, which has been servicing the marine industry since 1993. In 2001, Vigilant Marine Systems was established to manufacture, market, and distribute products and systems designed by other companies in the Vigilant Marine Group.

Vigilant Marine Systems is a company driven to provide the commercial marine industry with innovative, reliable and cost effective products to ‘Protect Man, Machine & Environment’. Every product designed by us is built to withstand the demanding environment unique to the marine industry. We take pride in our designs and realize that a cost effective product is not a product that just has a low upfront purchase price. It must be designed to last, it must be serviceable by competent crew members, and it must be designed to minimize installation costs.

In addition to our advertised product line, Vigilant Marine Systems also works with our customers to develop new or unique systems to meet their needs. These products range from bell loggers and inert gas controls, to plant alarm systems and burner management controls. If your company has a project that must come in on budget, then take the opportunity to contact us.