Oil Xorb ERC
This is not an ordinary cleaner and degreaser!


The OIL-XORB ERC compound is a powerful water-activated surfactant that separate emulsified oil from water. The compound has a strong chemical affinity for water, and will preferentially absorb and dissolve the water emulsified in the grease, oil or grime that the compound is used to clean or separate.

OIL-XORB ERC is a surfactant system which exhibits a combination of characteristics that are not found in any comparable commercially-available system. It is biodegradable, non-flammable, non-toxic at use concentrations and, unlike almost all other surfactant systems, is both hydrophilic (water-attracting) and oleo-phobic (oil-repelling). It thus offers excellent emulsion-breaking capability in addition to its outstanding performance as an agent for cleaning both metallic and non-metallic surfaces. It is this unusual combination of properties that makes it so attractive for such a broad range of oilfield and industrial applications.

The strong chemical affinity of the OIL-XORB ERC systems for water and the high surface energy at the OIL-XORB ERC/hydrocarbon interface results in rapid extraction of the water from the emulsified oil, leading to a complete separation of uncontaminated oils and greases (these are now of lower density because the water has been removed) on the top, the OIL-XORB ERC system in the middle, and precipitated solids on the bottom.

The compounds will maintain the separation, and can be re-used until the formulations have biodegraded to the point where their utility is lost, usually in 30 to 45 days, without any effects to the bio-environment.

The OIL-XORB ERC solution in most cases also removes loose corrosion (rust, scale) from metal surfaces and leaves a paintable surface protected by an inorganic micro-layer that reduces subsequent scale build-up.

  • OIL-XORB ERC is non-flammable.
  • OIL-XORB ERC separates solids and water from crude oil.
  • OIL-XORB ERC is non-toxic to humans and the environment.
  • OIL-XORB ERC is low foaming.
  • OIL-XORB ERC is a cleaning concentrate which is reusable.
  • OIL-XORB ERC biodegrades in 30-45 days after activation with fresh or salt water.
  • OIL-XORB ERC is a mild de-emulsifier.

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