Oil Xorb ERC
This is not an ordinary cleaner and degreaser!

How the Basic OIL-XORB ERC Formula Works

The OIL-XORB ERC cleaners are made up of powerful, water-activated surfactants. These formulations are notable in three major respects:

  • They have a very high affinity for water (highly hydrophilic) and will extract and dissolve it selectively from oil-water emulsions and mixtures.
  • They are highly oil-repellent or oleo phobic and strongly promote separation of oil from oily sludge's and residues. This results in part from the high surface energy that exists at the OIL-XORB ERC/oil interface.
  • They are unusually strong surfactants and preferentially absorb on to metal and other (e.g., concrete) surfaces and in doing so (a) displace dirt and oil residues that are present and (b) leave behind a very thin, protective and paintable inorganic coating, even after washing.

In combination, these properties result in OIL-XORB ERC's outstanding cleaning capability. Oily residues, which are typically oil or oil/water mixtures contaminated with solids, are immediately separated by settling into three components - an oil and grease layer floating on the top, a recyclable, reusable OIL-XORB ERC cleaner in the middle and an oil-free solid residue on the bottom. These three components are thus easily separated. The OIL-XORB ERC can be repeatedly re-used until it has biodegraded sufficiently to lose effectiveness - typically for 30-45 days.

Oil and dirt are easily removed in even the most challenging cleaning applications and the oil and dirt easily separated - or even recovered - by settling and skimming off the hydrocarbon layer, then filtering the OIL-XORB ERC to remove particulate matter.

In addition to their biodegradability (in 30-45 days under most normal use conditions), OIL-XORB ERC systems are nontoxic, nonflammable and have proven to be environmentally safe through all standard state and federal testing procedures. OIL-XORB ERC has received SNAP approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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