Oil Xorb ERC
This is not an ordinary cleaner and degreaser!

Additional Information

  • OIL-XORB ERC has also been proven to be a very effective general-purpose cleaner in industrial and marine applications. Because it presents no environmental hazard in normal use concentrations, it can be used (at 1:10 or sometimes even greater dilution) for such applications as surface cleaning in engine rooms, removing baked-on heavy oil deposits on poorly-maintained refinery equipment, and in old industrial facilities undergoing environmental remediation and even for cleaning crew quarters.
  • OIL-XORB ERC is non-flammable and therefore offers greatly enhanced safety in use relative to the normal hydrocarbon cleaners used in engine rooms and bunker areas on board ship and elsewhere.
  • OIL-XORB ERC has proven to be very effective in removing PCBs from industrial and marine surfaces that have become contaminated with these dangerous compounds. The PCBs normally remain with the oil fraction and thus can easily be burned. Additional data are available from OIL-XORB ERC.
  • Unlike several competing products (for example, PES41), OIL-XORB ERC does not attack HAZMAT protective suits, even at full strength.

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