Oil Xorb ERC
This is not an ordinary cleaner and degreaser!

Advantages of OIL-XORB ERC

OIL-XORB ERC is a very aggressive mineral hydrocarbon cleaning system that permits full recovery and reuse of the hydrocarbon involved. It is a fully biodegradable aqueous surfactant-based system, rather than one that is solvent-based.


OIL-XORB ERC will clean for a fraction of the cost of most products. No other product combines cleaning with separation of the removed oil from the cleaning solution

OIL-XORB ERC is a liquid, which means no hazardous powders to handle.

OIL-XORB ERC is non-toxic, non-hazardous, contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC's) or strong vapors and has no flash point.

OIL-XORB ERC has short-term corrosion protection on surfaces that are cleaned, especially when used on rust-prone ferrous Alloys.

OIL-XORB ERC is an excellent cleaner and degreaser.

OIL-XORB ERC is biodegradable, environmentally safe, and safe for your workers.

OIL-XORB ERC is easily disposed of (no toxic hauling)

OIL-XORB ERC Keeps repair costs down by keeping pumps and hoses free of buildup.

OIL-XORB ERC is particle-free. Only residue possible is inorganic

OIL-XORB ERC is a highly effective cleaning system, especially for hydrocarbon-contaminated surfaces, It is the ONLY known cleaning system that promotes separation of the removed hydrocarbon from the cleaning solution so that the two can be dealt with separately. The OIL-XORB ERC solution can be reused several times while the stripped oil can be skimmed off and used or sold-often as fuel oil.

OIL-XORB ERC products are being established in heavy-duty Industrial cleaning markets--examples include cleaning oil field machinery and cleaning bilges and engine rooms.

OIL-XORB ERC can be used for the treatment of oil field sludge's (the oil, water and solid components are separated with consequent recovery of the oil) and for removing deposits such as wax and scale from oil field production lines. OIL-XORB ERC also exhibits a unique ability to lower the viscosity of heavy crude's that are exposed to it.

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